This is our niche. Our main advantage is that we know how to best build your model using Refinitiv Eikon Excel functions and understand the financial theory and its application. Our Eikon Excel specialist has completed the CFA progam and has worked both as a product specialist at Thomson Reuters and as a buy side trader. If you tell us what you need we will not need much explanation and can likely give you some good ideas if you need them.

Examples of earlier work:

  • Calculate cross-currency basis forwards from both FX-swaps (very short end) and cross currency swaps
  • Calculate long dated (up to 30Y) FW swap fixings, input data are cross currency basis fixings and IRS fixings.
  • Create bespoke zero curves with dual curve boot strapping method and other methods
  • Model an IRS portfolio with real time NPV ,risk measures and modelling
  • Model risk in a portfolio with a mix of FX, IRS and CCY in different currencies

Fee schedule (VAT excluded)

Quick solution /  30 min

Hourly fee up to 10h

Hourly fee after 10 h





Excel + fin.calcs.




Refinitiv Excel*




*Formerly named Thomson Reuters Eikon Excel and 3000 Xtra Power Plus Pro.